My name is Egor Maximenko.

I like to study mathematics, especially Toeplitz matrices and some classes of Toeplitz operators.

List of publications

Teaching, in simple Spanish

Short CV, the same CV in Russian, more detailed CV in Spanish

EM-mail: egormaximenko ☺ g m a i l c o m, emaximenko ☺ ipn mx

Some math presentations and interactive visualizations

Construction of Schur polynomials via semi-standard Young tableaux (interactive visualization).

Analysis of translation-invariant operators via the Fourier transform of the reproducing kernel (presentation)

Eigenvalues and eigenvectors of the laplacian matrix associated to the cycle graph with one weighted edge (interactive visualization)

Radial operators on the polyanalytic weighted Bergman space (presentation)

Minors of band Toeplitz matrices and skew Schur polynomials: interactive illustration

Minors of band Toeplitz matrices and skew Schur polynomials: symbolic tests in SageMath

Eigenvalues of radial Toeplitz operators, log-oscillation and sqrt-oscillation (presentation)

The inverse of the positive definite symmetric tridiagonal Toeplitz matrix, interactive visualization

An interactive visualization of the eigenvalues and eigenvectors of Kac–Murdock–Szegő family of Toeplitz matrices

From convergence in distribution to uniform convergence of quantile functions (presentation)

Arcsin law for random walks turned inside out

Examples of quantile functions of Szegő limit eigenvalue distribution of Hermitian Toeplitz matrices

Matlab function for computing the eigenvalues and eigenvectors of banded real symmetric Toeplitz matrices satisfying a certain "simple-loop" condition
(joint work with A. Böttcher and S. Grudsky)

Simulator of AR(1) process with uniform noise

Graph of the atomic function h


I like programming, especially simple algorithmic problems.

I am beginning to study lindy hop and rockabilly jive dance.

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